What is the gospel?

The word ‘gospel’ is thrown around a lot in churches. And it should be. The gospel conveys the reality and relevance of the Christian faith to the world. The gospel is literally “good news”. It’s a bold message. An authoritative proclamation. But what is it? What’s the message?

In this video, respected New Testament scholar D. A. Carson talks about the gospel. It’s helpful.


The Christian doctrine of predestination is one of the deepest and most controversial in the church. The idea that God ‘predestines’ things to happen seems to many to be unjust, illogical, or just plain weird. This is especially true when we start talking about God ‘predestining’ people to receive grace. Why would God predestine some to be saved, and not others? How could that be fair? And what about free will? If God is truly loving and just, surely he simply offers us grace, and kindly lets us make up our own minds.

These are deep issues over which many godly Christians have puzzled and disagreed.

Here is a debate between two people who hold somewhat opposing views on this subject. Both men are very learned and deeply committed to the Scripture. They both love Christ, and desire to glorify God. But they differ.

The debate below is instructive, not only on the issue of predestination, but on how to disagree agreeably (something that Christians struggle with sometimes).

Yes, the video is long, and yes, it’s pretty heavy. But that only reflects the nature of the topic. I suggest you grab a coffee and sit back to listen and learn. It will be worth your time.

The doctrine of the Trinity

“The Trinity” is a biblical doctrine that is widely misunderstood. However, it’s possible to come to a good working knowledge of this doctrine without too much fuss. Once you get the basics right, the doctrine begins to hold great explanatory power for understanding God, the Bible, and life.

Here are a couple of videos that are pretty helpful. Check them out!