Is science the only way to know truth?

Science is a way of knowing things by measuring, testing, and observing the universeĀ around us. We owe a lot to science – most of the big discoveries and advancements we’ve made as a race are due to the hard work of scientists. Science, therefore, is awesome. But there’s an idea going around that scientific knowledge is the only kind of knowledge that’s worth believing. Is that really true? In one way, it seems to make a bit of sense – science seeks to establish the cold hard facts through observation and testing. But on further reflection it becomes clear that science is an incredibly useful tool, but not the only kind of rational knowledge that is worth accepting. In fact, there are many crucial things that we hold to be true which can’t be scientifically proven!

Below is a short clip where Christian philosopher William Lane Craig explains the limitations of science. This comes from a debate between Dr Craig, and Dr Peter Atkins – an atheist chemist.

Apologies that the sound and video quality areĀ not the best. Worth a watch nonetheless.