Things to click (1)

If you’re a person who likes to surf the net, why not use your surfing time as an opportunity to chew on some good food-for-thought?

Here are a few good things to click:

(a) Thinking of God is a great Australian blog where you can find people interacting on a whole range of issues:

(b) The Briefing is another great Aussie Christian resource:

(c) The Centre for Public Christianity, based in Sydney, has a whole range of great resources to check out:

(d) This website in the US has some great “Reformed” Christian resources, including lots of pretty heavy theological stuff

(e) If you like the Christian writings of C. S. Lewis, you’ll love these visual accompaniments to selected readings of his works:

(f) Ravi Zacharias is a world renowned Christian apologist (defender of Christian truth). His website also has some great stuff that’s well worth checking out:

May your mouse-clicks help you to grow in love and truth!