Home Groups @ WHPC

Woman praying on tableHome Groups are small gatherings of Christians (6-10) who meet regularly to encourage each other and consider God’s word. Aside from our weekly ‘big group’ meeting – A.K.A. Sunday morning church – Home Groups are our next best avenue for seeing people in our church community grow in their faith.

In Acts chapter 2, the first Christians met regularly, shared in fellowship, prayed together, and devoted themselves to God’s word. That’s really what Home Groups are all about.

In term 1 of 2018, we’re initially offering 4 Home Groups to be part of. We plan to start another one, should the need arise. But for now here’s what we have:

(1) Zillmere group – meeting weekly at Sue’s house on Wednesday night from 7:30pm. Led by David (with Amy too!). Matt will sometimes be there too.

(2) Northgate group – meeting weekly at Steve & Jenny’s house on Wednesday night from 7:30pm. Led by Steve.

(3) Nundah group – meeting weekly on Monday afternoon from 5:30pm at Katie’s place. This is a women’s only group, led by Katie. It’s also a trial group time.

(4) Wavell Heights group – meeting fortnightly on Friday afternoon at Hilary’s house from 1pm. This group is usually led by Katie, and is for women only. The first meeting for term 1 is Friday 9 February.

Once these groups get up and running we’ll see what other groups we need. There is a good chance that we’ll be starting another group near the Lutwyche area. If none of the above times suits you, please let Matt or Katie know.

If you don’t think Home Groups are right for you at this time, you can indicate other things you might like to try by clicking here (if you’re part of the WHPC community).

To finish, here’s the nuts and bolts of Home Groups:

  • Home Groups are small groups of 6-10 people who gather regularly to share in fellowship and study God’s word.
  • We are currently offering the four groups listed above, with a view to starting more.
  • Home Groups are not supposed to be complicated or ‘hard work’, so we’re using engaging Discussion Guide booklets to help us.
  • These Discussion Guide booklets will have 7 questions each, are purely designed to get your group engaged in discussion with each other as you consider God’s word together.
  • The Discussion Guides will be provided in printed booklet format, as well as in electronic version – which you will be able to access via our website, Facebook, and our Twitter account. This electronic version will be ‘device friendly’, so you can look at the Discussion Guide on your phone or tablet.
  • Home Groups only formally operate during school terms, and we expect the average group meeting will take a maximum of 1.5hrs.
  • Home Groups are a ministry of Wavell Heights Presbyterian Church, overseen generally by the elders of our church.
  • Home Groups are not a place for heated theological arguments, but intended to be mutually encouraging times of digging deeper into the Bible and considering its significance for our everyday lives.

If you have any questions about Home Groups, please speak to Matt or Katie, or email office@wavellpc.org.au