Why God’s sexual ethic is good for the world

Here’s a great discussion between three very different people on why God’s sexual norms (presented in the Bible) are good for people. Worth a watch . . .


Things to click (5)

If you’re looking for some really thought-provoking reading/viewing, then get ready! I have a scoured the electric internets and found some real doozies . . .

(1) The developed world seems enamored with transgenderism. Here are some interesting thoughts from an expert on the subject.

(2) Here is a pretty long, arduous list of arguments for the existence of God. Warning: some heavy intellectual content (I’m game if you are!)

(3) Shifting gear a little, Australian author and theologian Michael Bird offers 5 reasons why the Apostle Paul wrote the book of Romans.

(4) The positive cultural impact of Christianity on the developed world is conveniently ignored or forgotten by our culture. One such positive impact was the valuing of children as individuals made in the image of God. To find out more, check this out.

(5) Which Bible translation is the most accurate? Should we go with a modern translation, or an older version like the King James Bible or the Geneva Bible? In this video, Dr. James White explains.

(6) There has been much heated debate over the “Safe Schools” programme which claims to tackle the issue of bullying, especialy with regard to children who identify as LGBTIQA. Obviously, any measures which combat bullying should be considered. But a closer look at the material has a number of people wondering what it’s really all about. Here’s something worth reading; also here are some further thoughts from the same person.

(7) Finally, here’s something different. It presents some helpful insights into one of the most popular TV shows ever – Seinfeld. It’s worth watching because of what it says about the shift in perceptions of family and life in general.

May your mouse be ever blessed.

The Heart of Parenting

Being a parent is a tough job. It generally means in your house there is more busyness, more sickness, less sleep, less free time, and less money. Then there’s the pressures of raising your kids in an age of selfishness, sexualization, and shallowness. Phew.

Here are some wise words from Paul Tripp, an american Pastor, author, and international speaker. It goes for 45 minutes. Well worth your time.