“We don’t need God. We’ve got science.”

That’s a point of view which has become quite common. It goes like this: religion and ‘faith’ belong to a stage of human existence which knew a lot less about how the universe works. Lightning in the sky? It must be an angry god. Your child is sick? It must be an evil spirit. These approaches to the world made sense when we knew little about how the world works.

But now we’ve got science. Science is an excellent way of discovering how the world works. It’s a very powerful tool for expanding the stock of human knowledge and improving health and technology. Science tells you that it’s not a god throwing lightning around – it’s actually an electrostatic discharge in the atmosphere. And that sick child: well, that’s a nasty thing called a virus.

Maybe we don’t need a god anymore? Perhaps science is showing that God isn’t very likely at all.

Actually, the opposite is the case. The more we discover through science, the more we find evidence which supports the idea that there is a supernatural Creator who has put us here. That’s what this video is about . . .