Things to click (9)

Sorry for the long delay between posts. Sometimes adding new content to this blog is a bit difficult. But we’re back! If you lovely the convenience of clicking your way around the internet, then you’ll love what we’ve got for you. Here’s a sampler of some good stuff to check out.

(1) Ever wondered why it’s so hard to change people’s minds about things? Why do people get so ‘stuck in their ways’? This article in The New Yorker explores why facts don’t usually change people’s minds.

(2) Here’s a very long resource from our friendly Sydney Anglicans on marriage and sexuality. It’s worth looking at.

(3) We may have suggested this link before, but here is a very good Australian blog that has heaps of great articles and perspectives on biblical topics and current issues. It’s called “Thinking of God”, and it can be found here.

(4) Here’s a pretty heavy article from The Witherspoon Institute in the USA titled “Ideology and the Corruption of Language”. Very thought-provoking stuff.

(5) Everyone worships something. And that something is what we ultimately live and work for. Those aren’t just ideas you can find in the Bible, or in Christian books. It’s found in a famous commencement speech by the late American writer David Foster Wallace. Though not a Christian, he shared some profound and blunt insight into life and the motivations of the human heart. Find a transcript of the speech here. Or watch it here (small language warning, I think).

That’s it for now. Click away!