Quote of the Week – Sabbath rest

Here’s a quote from a New York Times Magazine article (2 March, 2003) entitled “Bring Back the Sabbath”. It was written by Judith Shulevitz, who was raised in a Jewish family. She has some interesting insights into finding rest in a workaholic, stress-addicted culture.

“There is ample evidence that our relationship to work is out of whack. Let me argue on behalf of an institution that has kept workaholism in reasonable check for thousands of years.

Most people mistakenly believe that all you have to do to stop working is not work. The inventors of the Sabbath understood that it was a much more complicated undertaking. You cannot downshift casually and easily. This is why the Puritan and Jewish Sabbaths were so exactingly intentional. The rules did not exist to torture the faithful. Interrupting the ceaseless round of striving requires a surprisingly strenuous act of will – one that has to be bolstered by habit as well as by social sanction.”