Things to click (3)

The internet is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it’s like a huge library – a source of immensely helpful information about our world. On the other hand, it’s  . . . . well . . . . just plain weird.

These “Things to click” posts exist so you can connect with some of the more helpful stuff on the interwebs. We hope you’ll check out a couple of links and do some thinking about the topics raised. Thinking is good. Especially for Christians. Here goes . . .

(1) Does evolutionary psychology really provide an adequate explanation of human psychology?  Natasha Moore thinks not. Check it out here.

(2) Recently a group of cinema distributors have declared a short film of the Lord’s Prayer (created by the Church of England) to be unsuitable for screening. They believe it carries the risk of upsetting or offending people. Here it is:

Naturally, the decision to not air the advertisement has drawn a variety of responses. One writer for the Guardian said the decision is “nonsense on stilts”. One writer explains (from a Christian perspective) exactly what it is that makes the prayer offensive. Richard Dawkins said if “anyone is offended by a prayer, they deserve to be offended.”

(3) Andrew Shead (head of OT Theology at Moore Theological College) has written a short article which speaks to the idea that we must be “beautiful people” – people who have it all sorted out, people who are on top of their game. It’s called “A Church for Broken People”.

(4) Several senior members of a Singaporean megachurch have been jailed for misusing church funds. It’s a warning about the temptations of mixing power, money, and people. It’s sad to see the church’s reputation damaged by such unbiblical behaviour.

(5) Here are some recent concerns regarding same-sex marriage and religious freedom in Australia. In the past week or so a Catholic archbishop was told he’d have to appear before an anti-discrimination authority in Tasmania because of a small booklet on biblical marriage that was distributed in Catholic schools down there. Hmmmm.

May God bless your clicking!