Things to click (2)

“I just don’t know what to say to people.” 

More Christians are saying that nowadays.

In Australia, where biblical Christianity is Choice conceptat best on the fringes of our culture, Christians are finding it harder to explain and defend what they believe. Our cherished beliefs are being challenged by people who don’t share our basic presuppositions – that God is real, that Jesus is King, that we are accountable to Him, that there are objective moral values, etc. Because many people don’t share these basics with us, trying to have a good Christian witness to others is difficult. When people inevitably ask us questions about our beliefs, most of us struggle for answers. Have a think about some of these questions:

Why are Christians so judgemental?

Is the Bible homophobic?

If God is so good, why do babies die of cancer?

How can you say Jesus rose from the dead when they found the tomb of Jesus?

I read that Christians believe God made the world 6,000 years ago. Is that true?

How can the church say it’s loving when there are so many pedophile priests?

I believe we all have our own path of spirituality, don’t you?

How can you trust stuff in an outdated book written by primitive people?

Why bother with religion when we have science now?

Reading these questions you probably found one or two that you could say something helpful about. As for the rest you’d probably struggle.

That’s why from time to time we post a series of internet links that help you connect with a wide range of good food-for-thought. As ambassadors for Christ we need to be thinkers – people who learn to ‘read’ people, the culture, and the Bible, and consider deeply what God would have us believe and do. 

The more we read, think, and pray, the more we’ll be able to “give an answer to everyone who asks us about the hope within us” (1 Peter 3:15). That’s why we post links: so you click them, read them, think about them, and pray about what’s being said.

Frankly, often our lack of answers is due to a simple lack of knowledge. You can’t speak about a topic you don’t know much about.

But having a good Christian witness isn’t just about having a list of answers. It’s about having an informed biblical worldview that’s connected to a cruciform heart – a heart shaped by the cross. Our goal in answering people (however imperfectly) is to point them to Christ.

We’ll think more about that in a future post. For now, here are some things to click:

(1) Here’s a great book review by pastor Tim Keller on some recent “pro-gay Christian” books. It’s worth reading.

(2) Someone posted a great article about the future of evangelicalism in the West.

(3) Here’s a different one. It talks about some of the essential biological differences between men and women in the armed forces. It argues that, despite attempts to say that men are women are basically the same, combat experience shows that’s not the case.

(4) Sometimes Christians will repost information on Facebook without really checking to see if it’s true. This article suggests that’s a bad idea.

(5) Here are some deep reflections about same-sex marriage by Dr. Mark Thompson, Principal of Moore Theological College.

May God bless your clicking!