Growing a Christ-centered Community?

In addition to our formal ‘vision statement’, our church has a little motto which sums up what we’re on about:

“growing a Christ-centered community”

But what does that mean? It means a whole lot. But there are key three things intended by those few words:

1. It expresses what we are now. Though we’re not a big church and have plenty of areas to work on, by God’s grace we are already a church that seeks to put Jesus Christ at the centre of everything we say and do. It’s reflected in our church logo, our vision statement, our Sunday meetings, our Bible Study Groups, and our prayers. We are – despite our imperfections – a growing community of everyday people who have Christ in our midst!

2. It expresses what we prayerfully hope to be. As the Spirit works through our prayers and witness, we hope to be growing in every way into the future: growing in number, growing in love and fellowship, growing in discipleship, and growing in spiritual maturity.

3. It expresses what we want to see around us. As we grow and witness to the community around us in word and deed, we hope to see more people in the area come to know Christ as their King. Thus, we hope that our community – one heart at a time – would become more Christ-centered.

It’s a simple little statement that’s loaded with meaning! We pray that God would help us as we seek to be ‘growing a Christ-centered community’.

Matt (pastor)