The Fine Tuning of the Universe

On these cool autumn nights you can go outside and see the beauty of the night sky – stars and galaxies pinwheeling through the immense blackness of space. It’s amazing. But you don’t have to wait until nightfall to work out the universe is an amazing place. You can see it everywhere you go – in the complex diversity of life, the crashing of ocean waves, snow-capped mountains, winding valleys, and parched deserts. It’s like we live in an huge art gallery. But if there’s an ‘art gallery’, there must be an artist: a supernatural mind that is responsible for the complex beauty of the natural world. We call that mind, “God”.

As time goes by physicists are discovering more and more about how ‘finely tuned’ the underlying laws of nature are. Many take this as good evidence that a divine Creator exists.

Here is a video that explains the fine-tuning argument. It’s not a ‘knock down’ argument for the existence of God. And it has plenty of critics. However on balance it seems that the fine tuning does suggest strongly that our being here is not simply a very, very, very unlikely accident.